Discover rave reviews and heartfelt stories from individuals who have experienced the magic firsthand. Each testimonial is a testament to a unique musical journey that transcends the ordinary, brought to life by an unmatched style and rhythm.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice to have Lunatics DJ at our wedding cocktails and reception! Kisal set the tone perfectly from the cocktail hour, smoothly transitioning our guests into the party mood and maintaining the vibe all night long. He intuitively read the room and energized the crowd with music that truly resonated with us. Kisal’s seamless collaboration with our band ensured flawless music throughout the evening. We had the most amazing time and it was truly a memorable night – a huge thanks to Lunatics (Kisal)!

Tanya & Akila

Bride and Groom

DJ Lunatics we incredible at our wedding – they were professional, friendly, and had a wide range of music that was appealing to our Western and Sri Lankan guests. Everyone was having so much fun on the dance floor – DJ Lunatics is able to read their audience well and play accordingly to keep the energy up. Our guests even wanted them to keep playing after the night was done, and they obliged with one more song. Great guys with great music!

Natalie & James

Bride and Groom

We booked these guys for our wedding last month and they absolutely killed it! They did all the announcements and stuck to the agenda. We opened up the dance floor around 9pm and we kept going until around 3am. There are usually times during a wedding when the dance floor dies down for some time. This was not the case during our wedding as the Lunatics were able to keep it going continuously. Our guests would go for a drink and then rush back to the dance floor to not miss the next song. There simply was not a single boring moment. A lot of the guests complimented these guys and we highly recommend them for any event. They made sure that both our friends from the U.S, Sweden and Sri Lanka had a good time. They were f*****g awesome!!

Tehani & Johan

Bride & Groom

I have been knowing Kisal and Dawood from their school days, and their passion for music has brought them together wonderfully as a team. Experiencing their performances in the past few years have certainly been wonderful, they know what to play at the correct point in time.

As the Director of Lyceum, a school highly focuses on children’s discipline, they are the ones we choose at our events as they know to adjust with the crowd and requirements of the institute. Our school graduations, school batch parties are consistently conducted by the lunatics as they are always up to date, and know to keep the crowd on their toes.

So frankly, I can recommend them upon any forum.

Nikitha Grero

Director - Lyceum International School

Kudos to Lunatics for the awesome job done at the Kelly Felder Christmas party 2015. Great choice of music and everyone had a terrific time. Professional and really easy to work with. Definitely recommend Lunatics for any special event.


Designer - Kelly Felder

House music’s power is in communal experience, from the warehouse parties of the early adopters, through the cult of the DJ with every clubber worshipping at The Mexicano & The Mascherata, where thousands can hit that high at once. It comes into its own when you can look around you and see everyone moved by the same pull and thrust of the music, not vogueing alone in your bedroom.

So far so obvious, but Lunatics live by this tenet, relentlessly working the dynamics of the dancefloor. Their records may make for pretty wearing listening, but the live performance is designed to bulldoze critical doubts.

Sithira Amaradasa

Owner - The Magnitude

Firstly I would like to express my appreciation on the awesome job the lunatics did at my 21st birthday party. It was the first time I was introduced to the lunatics and the music was fantastic just the type of a playlist I was looking for. Even though it’s been few years, over the period the lunatics have gotten better at their beats.


Since that day I’ve had no second thoughts in recommending the lunatics to my friends or even for office functions. The lunatics are capable in delivering professionalism and are nothing but friendly to their clients making them fun to work with. Keep up the good work!


We did a lot of searching for a DJ crew to come and set the tone for our third annual TukTuk Tournament. We needed DJ’s that were flexible, reliable, experienced, and able to cater to a crowd from over 15 countries. After reaching out to many… there was only one obvious choice: DJ Lunatics. They were well priced and got me when they said they would take requests, but only incorporate them when the time was right. I knew right then that they were artists and masters of their craft. The night of the event they were set up on time and absolutely killed it for over 5 hours. We all danced so hard that we had to cool off in the swimming pool! It was a night to remember and everyone involved couldn’t stop talking about how incredible it was. We even had participants sign up for next year the next day. You definitely NEED these guys at your PARTY!

Ivan Nanney

Managing Wizard - Tuk Tuk Tournament

Kisal and Dawood (Lunatics) without a doubt , the best DJs I have ever had. Their meticulous attention to details , professionalism, and overall care and concern for my wishes for the evening helped make this one of the best gatherings I have ever had.
Lunatics’s secret sauce is that they know their audience , takes their cues, tastefully engages them and creates an unbelievably fun environment.
On a scale from 1-10 , Lunatics are definitely an 11+

Shehan De Alwis

Pilot - Sri Lankan Airlines

Kisal and his team from Lunatics were recommended to me by a good friend when we were looking for a good DJ for our party. We were told they were great but had no experience with them so was a bit sceptical.

However, all that changed when these guys started doing their thing, the music was absolutely great. Everyone who were at the event loved the music that was played and even asked me who the DJ was. It helped me that I knew Kisal well and he played the music just the way the audience wanted.

Hats off to you guys. You have a super future ahead of you. And also note, you might be getting more events coming from me going forward too!


I have worked with the lunatics on multiple events I have been hosting and they have always brought the house down with their charismatic performances and music selection. The Lunatics are the first on my DJ list and I would recommend the duo for any event as they know how to do the most important thing. Play to their audience and get them dancing without them even knowing.

Chase D

The Lunatics were the official music providers for Mercury Night 2015 and they were an absolute hit that night! Perfect choice of music, great mixing, and no technical failures. Highly recommended for any type of function!

Dinusha Weerawardane

Programme Manager - Mercury Institute of Management

I worked with Lunatics (Kisal & Dawood) for my boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. During every step of the process in the time leading up to the celebration, and on the day itself, they impressed me with their professionalism, flexibility and their clear desire to make sure everyone had the best possible experience.


They were very accommodating to my schedules. During the party, they worked hard to adapt to what was most effective moment by moment. As we requested, they adjusted the volume of the music to allow our guests to comfortably carry on conversations but most importantly they were able to turn up the energy and get everyone on the dance floor when we wanted.


They checked in with us regularly to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. I highly recommend the most talented LUNATICS, for anyone who is looking for fun, professional and a flexible DJ experience.

Senurie Kumanayake

The Lunatics were so perfect for our reception. They delivered everything that was mentioned at booking in a timely and professional manner. The music they played was fresh and they definitely know how to get the crowd going. Choosing them was a great investment and we were so glad we did so! They came prepared and catered directly to any of our needs (even the last minute ones). Awesome job guys! I highly recommend them to anyone!!

Ruthie & Rumma

The Lunatics Dj-ed at our wedding in Galle on January 3rd and we couldn’t have asked for a more easy going, fun and professional duo (plus entourage) to top off a great day for us. The tunes went down really well and lots of our guests enjoyed making requests and partying hard, right up until the local police shut us down! Honestly, would recommend these guys to anyone wanting to put on an energetic dance event – they can read their audience well and have some great equipment along with them to ensure quality sound and lighting. Until next time!

Tim & Issy

Bride and Groom

The lunatics played one of the most perfect sets at our wedding! On a day after the full moon 🙂

The guys were very easy to work with and gave us the 90’s vibe we requested. They were very skilled at tailoring the music to a multi-age, multi-socio-economic, and multi-national crowd.

We sincerely wish the guys a very successful future, killing it with more and more original productions!

Kawmadi & Madava

Bride and Groom

The Lunatics made our wedding go off! Brilliant music, a brief well followed, going above and beyond the call of duty to play until three in the morning when we finally hauled the last guest off the dance floor and generally providing the best music in the most unobtrusive and excellent way.


Whatever the occasion they will undoubtedly perform. Book them!

Fleur & Wil

Thank you soo much for the amazing line up. It was definitely amazing to have you guys for my 21st. Keep up the good work!

Hashini Mathew

We have worked with the lunatics for a very long time now, playlists are always excellent. We had an amazing time like we hoped it would be. We loved the way the songs were laid out and we now know how to plan our music for our parties. Would highly recommend them for any occasion if you need to keep the night long.


American College of Higher Education

One word can describe this Duo, that’s “Outstanding”. when looking for entertainers to make an event a success, it is always important that you find those who can manage to entertain a crowd of all ages. these two always manage to keep the crowd going effortlessly with their style of music and unique mixing abilities. So if you’re looking for entertainers to make your next b’day party, anniversary or even event a raving success, I’d call the lunatics.

Jawid Cadar

The lunatics are an amazing duo. They know how to keep a party going and there is never a boring moment in it. The music they play simply fantastic and they know what genre of music to play at the right time. What’s more awesome about them is that are very professional in their conduct. I wish them all the best! Keep it crazy!

Supun Liyanapathirana

Student Coordinator - Royal Institute of Colombo

I am extremely satisfied & Pleased with the experience I had with the Lunatics on my 21st birthday bash. It was my second time, but this time it was perfect for the crowd and everyone enjoyed themselves very well. Definitely enjoyed the variety of songs they played and really grateful for playing extra time at the end. Very friendly service and arrangements were done very methodically. I would recommend them to anybody.