A unique blend of music, a style of entertainment and a flavor of rhythm that is unmatched by any other DJ

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Welcome to the zany world of Lunatics! It all started in the vibrant suburbs of Colombo when two audacious individuals, Kisal and Dawood, kicked off the only DJ duo in town back in 2013. Imagine the reactions when people first heard the name—Lunatics. It was the quirkiest, most unique DJ name around, and it still grabs attention today!

Over the years, Lunatics has turned heads and moved feet at over 1000 events, captivating everyone from young, enthusiastic party-goers to the fun-loving, nostalgic senior crowd. Our secret sauce? A commitment to discipline and happiness, sprinkled with a hefty dose of humor and stress relief through music.

At Lunatics, we believe music isn’t just sound; it’s a way of life. Our performances are designed to be unique, funny, and the ultimate stress-busters. Picture this: you walk into a party feeling the weight of the world, but as soon as our beats hit, you’re grinning, dancing, and maybe even forgetting that embarrassing work moment.

We’re not just DJs; we’re your musical joy-bringers, ready to turn any event into an unforgettable bash.

Now, with Kisal at the helm, Lunatics is set to soar even higher. Our sets are more than just music—they’re a rollercoaster of emotions, designed to unlock everyone’s true feelings. Whether it’s a trip down memory lane or the latest hits, we’ve got the perfect mix to make you move.

Imagine a party where the music is so electrifying, even your two left feet can’t resist. That’s the Lunatics experience. We read the crowd, predict the vibe, and deliver tracks that hit the right note every time. Our mission? To make every event we play a unique, laughter-filled, stress-free zone.

So, if you’re searching for a DJ experience that’s off the charts and out of this world, you’ve found it. Welcome to Lunatics, where the beats are a killer and the the fun never stops !

Inception :
In October 2023, the dynamic duo that represented the brand became singular, each pursuing individual career opportunities. Despite this shift, their legacy remains.

Present :

From October 2023, Kisal, aka Xacto spearheads the brand, becoming a crowd favourite for private parties, grad balls, proms, destination weddings, and corporate events. The brand’s essence lies in unlocking everyone’s true emotions through music, capturing the hearts of audiences with a unique ability to connect and evoke profound feelings. This transition has only strengthened their position in Sri Lanka’s music scene, continuing to deliver unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with every audience they perform for.


Kisal Hettiarachchi also known as Lunatic Xacto discovered the passion for music as a dancer. He was passionate about different types of dance techniques over the years, and discovered the art of beat matching at the age of 17 where he used to mix his songs for his personal dance events. For Xacto his passion for music grew by the day and made him enthusiastic to discover the solid technique of mixing songs.

His first event was a birthday party at which he managed to keep up the groove all along and since then he knew that it was a definite YES to enter the DJ’ing industry. It was a spontaneous idea that Xacto & Punk wanted to meet up at parties and play together and at the same time was in search of a brand to get them going.