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Dawood Veera better known as Lunatic Punk, uncovered a passion for DJ’ing at the age of 16. All he remembers was sitting in front of the laptop right after school thinking how to get a beat matched from one to another. While doing so, the teenager held off his first Pioneer CDJ 800. As Punk experimented with the new equipment, he started to play events on low budgets to gain experience on how events work. As his passion grew, he broke out to the public by playing his first event at Club “Clancy’s” and carried his passion to another level. As a 17 year old, He had the chance to play at several birthdays, college and cooperate events. This was when he met Kisal Hettiarachchi (Lunatic Xacto)

Kisal Hettiarachchi also known as Lunatic Xacto discovered the passion for music as a dancer. He was passionate about different types of dance techniques over the years, and discovered the art of beat matching at the age of 17 where he used to mix his songs for his personal dance events. For Xacto his passion for music grew by the day and made him enthusiastic to discover the solid technique of mixing songs. His first event was a birthday party at which he managed to keep up the groove all along and since then he knew that it was a definite YES to enter the DJ’ing industry. It was a spontaneous idea that Xacto & Punk wanted to meet up at parties and play together and at the same time was in search of a brand to get them going.

By pouring in their different styles and nurturing each other’s talent, they created a unique blend of music, a style of entertainment and a flavor of rhythm that is unmatched by any other DJ or Duo until this day in the paradise island.

*Lunatics* was the brand that came to their minds inspired by the duo *Sick Individuals*

They are crowd favourites for grad balls, proms, weddings, premium corporate events and headliners alongside international artists who have performed in Sri Lanka. Their unique sense of music, a knack for predicting the mood of the crowd and appealing to their emotions have transitioned them into crowd favourites. They have captured the elite crowd in Sri Lanka with their unique musical talent, and they continue to wow many more to come, in a local as well as an international platform. At just 22 years of age, these two remarkable individuals have ascended to an unbeatable position in the music industry in Sri Lanka.

The Lunatics is simply not their name anymore, they have created a brand, a following and a new generation of music lovers.

Lunatics was revealed to the public as a duo that keeps the momentum going. Their vibe with the crowd helped them to stand out from the usual. Several years later, and Lunatics are captivating the market where they cater to the majority of the elite community regardless of the age. Lunatics have played events alongside *DJ Da Candy*, *DJ Hanna*, *Global DJs* and have backed up a concert which was performed by Ranidu. They have also played major events in Sri Lanka including House party 2016 featuring Wolf Pack and House Party 2017 featuring New ID. Luna Radio Show on the other hand is a mix of one hour of dance music which is being premiered every other Friday of the month. Special Episodes such as the “Year Mix” (released once a year) is featured on the Luna Radio Show. Further the Luna Radio show got aired on 1mix.co.uk – a radio podcast site as well.

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