DJ Lunatics

Two passionate music lovers met in 2012 in a down town private party, Dawood (Punk) then known as "DJ Dash" met Kisal (Xacto) and shared their ideas and techniques over a few months and the duo "Lunatics" was born, First event played as "Lunatics" was at a Private party which turned out to be a massive success!, Following the success over the years this duo caters a musical amusement in a whole new level from Commercial music to the sub genres such as RnB, Trap and Electronic Dance Music. Following on as "Lunatics" this duo produces their own mashups as well as their own edits to provide a customized set at local festivals, they also combine their favourite tracks to a one hour mix every other Friday which is been released on mixcloud.

They also have catered their unique musical taste to most of the leading companies in Sri Lanka.

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