where passion meets performance, and music becomes magic.

about dj lunatics

Welcome to the electrifying world of DJ Lunatics, where passion meets unparalleled talent in a symphony of sound.

With a decade-long journey pulsating with punk music fervor under our belt, we’ve etched our name into the vibrant music scene of Colombo and beyond.

Born from a shared love for music, DJ Lunatics emerged as a dynamic duo, commanding stages with raw energy and infectious beats.

Now, under the sole helm of Kisal, our brand continues to thrive, infusing every performance with boundless passion and an eclectic mix of open-format music.

Our journey is marked by unforgettable experiences, having shared stages with renowned international DJs. 

Now, our sights are set on elevating the nightlife experience in Colombo and beyond, while embracing open formats that transcend boundaries and genres.

But DJ Lunatics is more than just music; it’s a movement—a commitment to giving back to our community and sharing the unbridled joy of music with people of all ages. With Kisal at the helm, our performances transcend mere playlists; they become captivating experiences that ignite the senses and connect souls.

Join us on this sonic adventure, where every beat tells a story, and every melody creates memories.

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Kisal Hettiarachchi, better known as Lunatic Xacto, began his musical journey as a dancer. At 17, his passion for music deepened as he started mixing songs. Xacto’s enthusiasm for perfecting his mixing skills grew, and his first DJ gig confirmed his decision to pursue a career in DJ’ing.


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Stay updated with the latest in our world!
From exciting updates to fresh track releases, your go-to spot for all things DJ Lunatics.